Mickleton Away

Another mix and match 2nd team travelled on a grey, chilly day to Mickleton. Arriving in good spirits skipper won the toss and elected to bowl. It started well with after a few wides young Jacko got his line and length and along with nico started to cause the Mickleton batsment problems. In a day to remember for him Harry Beano picked out a couple of catches and later on in the innings took a wicket of his own in the shape of a caught and bowled. Elsewhere Moley made a return from his crusade to Egypt, from where he returned even harder than before, to bowl tightly along with young Alfie ‘Spiderman’ Wilson.

Finishing on 136 the moreton boys fancied their chances of chasing that total down….However…..

A few poor shots and impatience led to debutants Wozwald and David Luiz giving away there wicket along with most of the sides. Impressive batting from Man of the Match Beano and youngsters Danny, Jacko and Spiderman led the 2nds to a rather poor 58.

A home fixture coming up next, hopefully Moreton can rally round and find that winning touch.

Pics courtesy of Nico

I feel bad for the artist

Captains Log

Remember me anyone? Hello! For those of you concerned it did rain for most of my holiday!

I would like to thank Nico Jeffries for leading the team to a great win and a unlucky defeat! Also to those players who played thank you your doing the team proud!

I would like to, if i may, bring up an idea which already is in the making of a 2nd team mini tour, i am looking at venues not too far away where we can stay over night. I have spoke to my uncle who runs a team in somerset and we can camp etc there. Play a 20/20 and a 45/45 on a fri eve and a sat respectively. We have got two free fixtures the 21st of july and 18th of august. Which would suit please let me know if you think this is a good idea?

And finally,

Timmer ive found you a new team,


Match Preview vs Ashton Under Hill – Away – 26/5/2012

Its Saturday again and as the sun rises in the Cotswolds and the birds begin to sing, 11 men from the Moreton in Marsh area wake up with a nervous excitement inside them.  It is a welcome change for one of the 2nd team today as he plays his first match of the season. Martin ‘Sarge’ Jones can today forget the rigors of being the leader of the local law enforcement and enjoy an afternoon of cricket. Normally found racing through the back streets of Longborough or Broadwell chasing those dam criminals, or wrestling thieves to the ground in the ghetto that is Great Wolford, Sarge can leave his hat behind and bring his helmet today as he will be the lynchpin in the Moreton Innings. Unable to bowl due to breaking up a vicious drug ring at Stow on the Wold Womens Institute, Martin will be a key run scorer today against the boys from Ashton Under Hill. Continue reading